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Show Exclusive Colorways

 Show Colorways are one of our absolute favorite things to dye.  They usually reflect something unique to the location of the show - it's so fun to dive into the colors of the place that we will be going! For each event we dye a limited quantity - when they are sold out they are gone.  The colors remain exclusive to the show for at least six months - sometimes longer - and sometimes these special colorways are never dyed again.  Such a wonderful memento from a great event!

Add an Event to our list!

Do you have a great fiber event that we should look into?  We are always looking to expand our show schedule!  Let us know about and we will be sure to look into it as a possibility.

We also love doing trunk shows at Local Yarn Stores!  If you are a store owner or a customer please feel free to let us know any places that you would like us to travel.

Have a great idea for a Show Colorway!  Let us know!

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