Cormo Limited Single Skein

100% made in the USA, this Cormo Wool is farmed, shorn, milled, designed, and dyed by women owned businesses.  An ALL FEMALE yarn!

Created by Amy Manko of the Ross Farm this base was designed to be a way for farmers to reach indie dyers.  It is curated from a selection of Cormo Sheep grown in Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

This yarn feels different than anything else in our collection.  It is rich with lanolin and has a slightly thick and thin quality.  This variation and imperfection is what gives it the stunning drape and unique hand. It is a true farm to needles yarn!

Cormo Limited is just that - a limited run.  As sheep produce different coats each year this yarn cannot be repeated.  When it's gone it's gone!

Cormo Limited is a DK Weight, 100% Cormo Wool, with 225 yards per 100g skein.

Colorway Options:
Fairfax, VA
 - a rich, true red.  Home of pattern designer Tanis Gray.
84 PA - a deep, pine green.  Home of the Ross Farm and Amy Manko.
Lakewood, OH - a deep, luxurious blue.  Home of dyer Jeanne Stevenson.
Cormo - the natural, undyed, wool.  This is treated and washed the same as the dyed colorways so it will have the same hand when working with it.

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