The Wall - Mohair

Destination Yarn

“the Wall, blazing blue and crystalline in the sunlight… Centuries of wind-blown dirt had pocked and scoured it… and it often seemed a pale grey, the color of an overcast sky… but when the sun caught it fair on a bright day, it shone, alive with light, a colossal blue-white cliff that filled up half the sky.” - A Game of Thrones

Pairs With: Looks fantastic with Iron Throne, or fades with Castle Black.  Or pair with Winterfell for a John Snow inspired project!  For a tonal option try Shining Sea.

Base Yarn:
Cloud - lace weight
72% Kid Mohair 28% Silk - 459 yards per 50 gram skein.

Please note:  Pictures are of the same colorway dyed on a different base yarn.  Mohair takes the dye a bit differently - it fuzzes speckles out and colors are a tad more muted.

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